Fishing tourism

When looking for a nice place for your next fishing holiday, you can discover that Hiiumaa island is perfrect place for that. You can hunt for northern pike in reed or angle for sea trout or flounder from the shore. In springtime you can catch perch or orfe on rivers and a little later on trolling of garfish can be memorable.

Licences and restrictions 

Renting a boat on Hiiumaa island

Boating trips

  • Randi Paat in Salinõmme Contact (+372) 523 1888  Lisaks: paadirent; retked laidudele; paadisõidud 12- kohalise puupaadiga; kalurimaja 12-le Saarnaki laiul koos lõkke- ja telkimisplatsiga.

Kalastustarbed Hiiumaal

Local fish and fish products

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